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Art Therapy for Children and Adults

Be empowered to lead a life that is full of confidence and zest where you take control of your emotions through a creative personal journey

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About the course:

This online training course is designed for psychologists, psychotherapists, occupational therapists, counsellors, care workers, teachers, parents and anyone else who is interested in learning about the practice of art therapy. Focused on shedding light on the reflective and restorative values of personal art-making, this course is perfect for those that are seeking to improve psychological and emotional health.  

In recent years, art therapy, along with other creative therapies has cemented its presence in the field of professional psychotherapy. It encourages one to explore and express emotions, resolve inner conflicts, and to enhance self-awareness and self-esteem using a wide range of art materials. Through the course, participants will understand how they function as individuals and as part of a larger family and societal ecosystem, thereby surfacing some adjustments required to live.  

Sign up for the course and see how art therapy can be used in everyday practice with patients experiencing trauma, injuries, addiction or illness. Learn to apply these practical and easy methods which will also afford parents a good opportunity to occupy children at home in a meaningful way, while solving deeper rooted issues present within the child.  

Attend this course if you want to:

  • Create a safe and comfortable environment that facilitates the expression of feelings  and exploration through art-making.  

  • Understand and appreciate the use of art in art therapy. 

  • Discover a variety of art media that is used during each art therapy session, such as oil pastels, watercolour, clay and more.  

  • Learn how to plan and facilitate therapeutic art sessions that includes engaging the individual to freely express using the art materials.  

  • Know and understand the requirements of art therapy as a profession. 

  • Realise the long-term lasting impact of art therapy on individuals.  

  • Complement existing therapies with a holistic art therapy approach.  

Course content

  • 4 video tutorials 

  • Effective therapeutic models based on art therapy 

  • Learning based on case studies, exercises, audio recordings 

  • The best experts 

  • 24-hour access 

  • Assessment quizzes to verify the acquired knowledge 

  • Materials for reference and self-study 

  • Certificate upon completion of a post-course evaluation 

Course Syllabus

Module  1

Art Therapy for the soul and its role in comprehensive therapy programmes

  • Overview- What is Art Therapy and what it is not? Why consider Art Therapy? 

  • How art can help you work with people who have difficulty expressing their thoughts and feelings. 

  • Making diagnosis's prior to starting treatment - Understanding what steps you should take before beginning the therapy. 

  • Using Art Therapy with patients with a specific diagnosis - Creative therapy and the treatment of addictions, anxiety disorders and emotional problems. 

  • BONUS READING - Our experts review evidence from recent clinical trials supporting the effectiveness of art therapy as a therapeutic technique and suggestions on how this evidence can help you improve your practice. 

Teaching Materials For Module 1:

  • Relaxation and tranquillity games 

  • Six comprehensive session plans 

  • Drama therapy exercises 

  • Measuring the impact of modern Art Therapy methods 

  • Art therapy as a form of creative training 

  • Art therapy - Forms of therapy through art 

Module  2

How to diagnose and assess the severity of the problem through the use of Art Therapy tools

  • What methods and tools of work should be used to systematically evaluate and monitor progress? 

  • How Art Therapists observe Mental Health using formal elements such as line, colour and shape to outline descriptive diagnosis.  

  • The use of structured projection tests to deeply understand patient's problems and plan treatment - we will suggest how to use such tests such as, Bridge Drawing, Man plucking apple from the tree.  

  • How to focus on the unconscious mental processes of the patient during the diagnosis, in conjunction with evidence-based practices to use them in therapy aimed at new experiences? 

Teaching Materials For Module 2:
  • Outlining checklist for diagnosis  

  • Tips to creating structured programmes that assist in understanding the mental psyche of the individual   

  • Behavioural style assessment 

Module  3

Working with the unconscious mind: Art Therapy tools to treat depression, anxiety and attachment disorders

  • Treating emotional difficulties of children and young people through contact with art – A set of art therapy exercises proven effective in the treatment of emotional disorders. 

  • Integrating other creative therapy modalities to reconnect to the deeper layers of the individual and uncover the root of the behavioural and anxiety disorders.  

  • How to encourage the patient to talk about the artwork and reflect on their creative creations.  

  • Working with patients so that verbal communication and the message through art complement each other.  

  • Case study: How to use drawing to build a sense of the individual 

  • Injecting positive projections during therapy sessions based off fairy tales, dreams and role models.  

  • Monitoring progress and impact - Recommended tools and techniques for recording patient treatment. 

Teaching Materials For Module 3:
  • Using Art Therapy in work with children to improve sensory integration 

  • Relaxation and tranquillity activities for children 

  • Relaxation fairy tales for children 

  • Role play with fairy tales, dreams and role models  

  • Case study: Working with Early Childhood Resources  

Module  4

Exploring Modern Creative Art Therapies and its impact on the world today

  • How to use Sand play therapy in practice, stimulate associations and formulate accurate interpretations. 

  • Receptive Music therapy - How is music used to achieve therapeutic goals? 

  • Dramatherapy – Allowing patients to express their feelings, solve problems and set goals through drama.  

  • Bilateral art as an Art Therapy technique - Using this neurologically-based therapy method to treat trauma. 

Teaching Materials For Module 4:
  • “Do children feel the blues?” Ruling out the different approaches through case studies to identify the best suited creative art therapy for the various diagnosis.  

  • Stimulating brain development and activating the expression of emotions in children through music and movement.  

  • Therapeutic use of music as a form of practice to evoke feelings and reconnect with the inner layers.  

How does this online course work?

Real-life best practices
We show real case studies, techniques and methods used by experienced specialists
Optimisation of learning
This course is based on the Know-See-Do principle. The completion of each individual module enables the quick implementation of specific activities in practice
Practical Application
Apply what you learn to real-life situations straight away with guidance from our detailed teaching materials and video recordings
Learn on-the-go
Materials are available 24/7 on our dedicated platform. Access your course anytime, anywhere
Certificate of completion
The certificate issued confirms the knowledge acquired by the participant and is available in a digital format for print or download
Top expert
  • World-class knowledge
  • Quality study materials
  • Practical exercises

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Art Therapy for Children and Adults

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Frequently Asked Questions


Does participation in the course give you any vocational rights?

No, we do not grant vocational rights. The course is of a training nature. It aims to broaden and deepen the knowledge of participants from given thematic areas, using the knowledge of the best experts. 

Are there any dates for in-person meetings?

No, there are no in-person meetings at an indicated place for this course. The whole course is based on online learning through an interactive educational platform. By joining the course, you gain access to all materials, video lectures, and online presentations. 

Will I receive a certificate after completing the course?

Yes, at the end of the course, each participant will receive a certificate confirming the participation and completion of the course.